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Transportation App

Transportation App

August 30, 2019


Technology: React Native, NodeJS
Transportation app comprises of two apps, one is to passenger to choose a ride, and another is to the driver to accept the requested ride. Once the ride is chosen by a passenger from his/her location, the drivers nearby will get intimation through their app. The ride accepted driver will pick the passenger up from his location and at the end of the ride, the passenger will pay for the ride through cash or cashless options.

Driver App Functions

  • Authorization of drivers.
  • Vehicle tracking and status updates.
  • Acceptance and cancellation of rides.
  • Heat map with tariff zones and quantity of ride requests.
  • Routing to the client and to the destination point.
  • GPS navigation and search for best routes via Google Maps.
  • Driver can keep a tap on the number of requests they have accepted and other details related to the service.

Passenger App Functions

  • Authorization of passenger.
  • Vehicle type selection.
  • Live-tracking.
  • Cost calculator.
  • Automatic payment.
  • Booking history.
  • Rating and feedback options.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at the pickup location.
  • ETA at the passenger’s destination.
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